The Bible Truck is a mobile exhibition that displays the history of the World’s Best Seller – The Bible. The goal of the “Bible Truck” is to impact a nation desperately in need of God’s Word. This unique mobile exhibition features hundreds of historical exhibits, including: educational posters, maps, Bibles, stories of persecution for the Bible, videos about the Bible and a clear gospel message that’s embedded into the very core of this project.

Bible Truck is designed to work with the local churches as a tool for outreach and evangelism. It’s an effective way to reach those who are not familiar with the Bible, and present them with a Gospel message that is clear and Biblical. For those that are members of the church and are the “students” of the Bible, this Truck will help you appreciate God’s Word even more and affirm the reliability of the Scriptures. More than 10 thousand people attended the BibleTruck since its opening in October 2016!

What is also included?

Photo Booth

Camera which prints an immediate photo of the memorable day for you to remember when you visit the Bible Display


Trampoline for children. It can be set up when the local church will consider it needed.


Treasure box for collecting voluntary donations to support the ministry of Bible Display

Requirements and FAQ


Trailer measurements – 53 feet long & 9 feet wide. In addition to those dimensions there are two step ladders for entrance and exit that protrude an extra 3 feet.
Placement of trailer is unique to every church parking lot. Here are a few examples. Multiple factors, from electrical, to walking distance, to space available affect trailer positioning.


Registration is necessary! Guided Tours Only.
We need a local individual in charge of registering people for the tour. Here is a sample registration form. Provide us with their number or contact info to put up online.

Area for “Big Bible” exhibit – the start of tour inside the church lobby or foyer and  area for photo booth.

(Optional) area for Planetarium and bounce house


The cost to attend is free, donations are welcome.
The tour is about an hour in length.
Exhibit can be done in either Russian or English. Please contact us for other languages.
Each tour can start every half hour. (The trailer is divided into two sections)
The church hosting the Bible Truck needs to provide tour guides that have gone through the training course.
There are two individuals traveling along side the Bible Truck to open and close the Exhibit. They also help with all other organizational questions.

Multiple factors, from electrical, to walking distance, to space available affect trailer positioning.
Exhibit runs on either electric or generator power. Electric option is preferred.
Electrical input requires a special plug, 240V input and 50amp breaker. The cable is 150ft long.

All other technical issues and trailer settings are taken care of by the individual traveling with the exhibit.

How to invite?

Contact Bible Mission Slavic  and Schedule Bible Display, when it will be in your part of United States. Take on yourself the initiative and responsibility of the transportation of the Bible display from the church that it is at the moment, to your church

How to promote?

Overview Video

Russian language 
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Overview Video

English language 
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Overview Video

Russian language 
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