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The Bible Truck is a mobile exhibition that displays the history of the World’s Best Seller – The Bible. The goal of the “Bible Truck” is to impact a nation desperately in need of God’s Word. This unique mobile exhibition features hundreds of historical exhibits, including: educational posters, maps, Bibles, stories of persecution for the Bible, videos about the Bible and a clear gospel message that’s embedded into the very core of this project. 

Bible Truck is designed to work with the local churches as a tool for outreach and evangelism. It’s an effective way to reach those who are not familiar with the Bible, and present them with a Gospel message that is clear and Biblical. For those that are members of the church and are the “students” of the Bible, this Truck will help you appreciate God’s Word even more and affirm the reliability of the Scriptures. More than 10 thousand people attended the Bible Truck since its opening in October 2016!

Mark Krasnokutski

My name is Mark Krasnokutski, I’m 19 years old, and I’m think of going into computer science or vacuum technology. I love sports, photography and

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Oleksandr Kohanets

Я подорожую з виставкою Біблії уже 4 місяці і дякую Богові за можливість бути в цьому служінні і за ваші молитви. Де бачу Його могутню

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Host the Bibletruck in your church?

Contact Bible Mission Slavic. Schedule Bible Display, when it will be in your part of United States. Take on yourself the initiative and responsibility of the transportation of the Bible display from the church that it is at the moment, to your church.

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