Mark Krasnokutski

My name is Mark Krasnokutski, I’m 19 years old, and I’m think of going into computer science or vacuum technology. I love sports, photography and praising God in anyway I can. Also I’m going to driving with the bible truck for like half a year. I’m from Slavic Baptist church in Shakopee, MN

Interview – Daniel and Ruslan – Bible Truck Experience

Leonard Ravenhill said that America doesn’t need to put the bible back at schools, the church needs to put the bible back in homes, if the church start reading the bible at home, America would feel it! We don’t need another definition of Christianity, we need a demonstration. Ruslan G. One thought I would like […]

Daniel Kasyanov

I have been traveling with the Bibletruck for the past three months. From traveling with the Bible truck to different churches and seeing a lot of different people go through the Bible truck has affected my personal life in numerous ways .. Even though we have so many bibles in this country a lot of […]