Leonard Ravenhill said that America doesn’t need to put the bible back at schools, the church needs to put the bible back in homes, if the church start reading the bible at home, America would feel it! We don’t need another definition of Christianity, we need a demonstration.

One thought I would like everyone to think about through your whole life, not only when the bibletruck is there, not only if you’re planning on going but really anyone who might see it who might not see it and who already went through it. What does the Bible, the Word of God mean to you ? What is It to you ? Is it really the living Word. I’ve talked to people and they say, well it has been changed so many times because it has been translated so many times but still, It is the living Word . It still stayed 100% accurate even from back in ancient times when it was just being written. So I hope to every one of you, that this Book might be a personal thing in your life and that at some point you come to realize that it is for you, that it is for you personally. Yes, you can tell people that they should read it, but if it is not personal to you, then it is no good to you.