I have been traveling with the Bibletruck for the past three months. From traveling with the Bible truck to different churches and seeing a lot of different people go through the Bible truck has affected my personal life in numerous ways .. Even though we have so many bibles in this country a lot of people don’t know about the Bible . The Bible exhibit already helped a lot of people to realize what the Bible actually is and how it can change people’s life’s and that is truly the Word of God .

What I took for myself was that really we need to realize how we live our lives .. do we really love it according to the Word of God or do we live our lives as if we can take something with us from this earth . It has been a great blessing so far talking to people about the Word of God and even just taking time to read the Bible and starting to understand what a blessing it really is to be able to have it . Every new church we come to we do «training» showing people how to do the tours and so our tour guides understand how to get the word out to people that the Bible is really important in every individuals life.

Thank you all for Your prayers .. prayers are really important to all of us because without prayer there won’t be any strength .Lots of prayers lots of strength.